Monday, May 9, 2011

Butterbears diaper (from Amazon)

I got this diaper at the beginning of April, and I absolutely LOVE IT! It fits very nicely on my 14 lb daughter on the smallest settings, so she has A TON of room to grow in it. When she 1st wore it she took a nap in it and when she woke up NO LEAKS. This diaper was also sent to me with 2 soaker pads (a long one and a shorter one). That was a big deal for me because a lot of diapers only come with one which makes this a good buy for sure! The 2 soakers also come in handy cause my girl is a heavy wetter. Some people only need one at a time and switch to the longer one as baby gets older, but I just stuff them both in there. After I washed this diaper, it was still as vibrant as the day I took it out of the package and it didn't "bleed" onto any of my other diapers. The soakers agitated out in the wash on their own (I own a front loader) so I didn't have to touch them to take them out (yuck!). And the best part, for me anyway, is that it dried in a standard dryer cycle. This is a big deal to me! Before this diaper my Bummis Tots Bots was my favorite due to ease of use, but took 2 dry cycles to get completely dry. This one doesn't which helps me save energy (and we all know electricity cost is HIGH these days).

Aside from the qualities of this diaper, I would like to say the owner emailed me very shortly after I placed my order to see if it was for a boy or girl. I love that kind of personalized customer service! (Of course I said I just wanted a multicolor one, but it was still SUPER nice to be asked).

I would DEFINITELY buy diapers from ButterBears again and I would recommend them to anyone I know!

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