Monday, February 28, 2011

Bummis Tots Bots Diaper

So I recently received my diaper in the mail that I got from using an Amazon gift card award from SwagBucks. It was a Bummis Tots Bots one size diaper. I just have to say I LOVE this diaper! The pattern I got is "Flower Power" which is perfect for someone like me who loves anything that looks like it came from the 60's (even though I was born in the 80's).

I find myself using this diaper ANY time it is clean. It is a one size diaper, but I don't think it is bulky like some other "one size" diapers look in pictures I have seen. As of last Wednesday my daughter weighed 9 lbs 10 oz and I think it looks great on her!

I like how the "insert" is actually connected to the diaper so I don't have to find the right insert to match the diaper like I do with my gDiapers or my Happy Heiny's diaper. Admittedly, the gCloth isn't too hard to match up either since they have the orange "g" sewn to the side of the insert. I still have to fish the inserts out of the dryer though, which is not the case with the Tots Bots diaper. Since the "insert" is connected I just have the one piece to take out of the diaper. It is also great because the "insert" agitates out in the washer, so on top of the convenience of it being attached to the diaper, you don't even have to pull it out of the pocket before washing, so no touching anything gross. This agitation of the insert also cuts down on drying time. I have used this diaper during the day and night and haven't had any kind of leakage issues thus far... I would definately add more of these to my stash. If I wasn't the type of person who liked to have choices and diversity I might even say I would be okay with a stash that was only this type of diaper. I do like to have options though, so let's just leave it that I would definately add more of these to my rotation. I am not sure what type of diaper I am going to try the next time I have enough Amazon credits, but I am sure I will come here and leave my own personal "review" of the diaper I choose.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Cloth Diapering

So the baby is 2 months old now. I was enduced on December 17, because they thought she wasn't growing enough. She was born that day and weighed 6 lbs and 11 oz and was 20 1/2 inches long. She has her next doctor's appointment this Wednesday, February 23rd. I can't wait because they will tell us what she weighs now and how she is doing. The only thing I am not looking forward to is her next Hep B vaccination, but at least that's the only shot she needs. I'm also really excited because I just used Amazon gift cards I got from using Swagbucks to order a new cloth diaper for my daughter. She has been exclusively cloth diapered since she was about 3 weeks old and it is going well. The diapers we have most of are prefolds with Thirsties covers. They aren't hard to use, but they take a bit of time to get pinned on. A lot of people use a thing called a snappi to hold them on instead of pins, but I just haven't broken down and bought a snappi yet so the pins take a while to get situated. I can use them, but not really my favorite diapering option. When we are away from the house I usually bring gDiapers with us. We have cloth inserts for those as well. I like the gDiapers for their ease of use, though it did take a while to get used to fastening them in the back. The only negative things I have to say about the gDiapers is that the cloth insert doesnt stay flat between her legs so when I change her it's all squished and I can see the liner on either side of the cloth. Also, it's not the best for night diapering. I have only had 1 leak, but when it leaked, she had pee all over her outfit and had to be changed completely.

The only other (store bought) diaper we currently own in a Happy Heinys diaper. I LOVE THIS DIAPER. It is SO SOFT inside and I haven't ever had it leak. I have used it both during the day and at night with no leak issues.

I do have one diaper that was made by my mother that I stuffed with a prefold, but the 1st time I used it I forgot to use a cover and there was pee everywhere when she wet herself. Needless to say, I remembered the cover the next time.

Anyway, so today I ordered a Bummis Tots Bots diaper in the Flower Power pattern. It is really cute and I can't wait to try it out. Their site says I should get it on Wednesday. I wasn't sure which type of diaper I was going to try out next with my giftcards, but I decided to try the Bummis one because it was rated all around best cloth diaper by Babble! I will see when it comes if I am as in love with it as they are.

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