Thursday, June 16, 2011

PLUMP Diapers

I recently bought a new diaper for my daughter from PLUMP diapers. I won it in an auction and it is black with a pink WOW (world of warcraft) symbol on the back and pink inner. It is made of minky and it's SO SOFT! I have to admit that I sometimes (when it's clean, of course) just want to rub it on my face! Yeah, it's THAT soft! We got this diaper because my husband loves WOW, but I fell in LOVE with the diaper once we got it. It is an AI2 (all in two) diaper. This means that it has an outer portion and then a snap in part for absorbency. It actually came with 2 snap ins so you can modify the absorbency of the diaper. I love everything about this diaper. Not only is it custom and really soft, it's also a one size diaper so my daughter will be able to wear it until she potty trains, which is a LONG time since she's only 6 months old! It cleans very easily and dries quickly in my dryer (since my dog - named CHEWY for a reason - prevents me from line drying). Every time it is clean I am reaching for this diaper to put on my daughter. This diaper has a hidden layer of PUL so it doesn't need a cover! That's a big deal to me. I HATE getting an adorable diaper and then having to cover it up to keep me and others from getting wet down by our super soaker... The only advice I can give for this diaper (at least for our child) is that it's not really an overnight diaper. She wore it once overnight and the pee did wick out at the leg area. That in no way detracts from the awesomeness of this diaper though, because I really want it on her during the day so people can see it because it is so GORGEOUS and excellently put together. I would recommend PLUMP diapers to ANYONE and I have been "stalking" her diapers to try to get more of them. All of her diapers seem to have a lot of care put into the making of them and the workmanship on them is EXCELLENT and definitely comparable to any big name company (like BumGenius, Fuzzibunz, etc.). No loose strings or anything that would make someone think or know that they were made in someone's home. Just quality work and quality diapers!

ETA: Going back through previous blog posts I just have to add (cause I never noticed before) that this diaper is SO TRIM! It's not near as bulky looking as some of her other diapers. It could be because she's bigger now, by a little, but I definitely think it's trimmer. At least in the crotch area. LOL

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