Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Baby Update #2

So we went to the doctor again today. (Before which I had a serious craving for Chinese food, which I satisfied at dinner tonight). They did some kind of test called a nuchal translucency test which is a fancy term for a screening for disorders like Down Syndrome. They told us everything looks great so it looks like the baby is still developing normally and is healthy. The heartbeat is 168 beats per minute and the doctor says that is good too. They also measured the baby today to see how big it is. We were told the baby is now 6 centimeters (which for those of you like me who are bad with the metric system, thats close to 3 inches). That doesnt seem like much, but 4 weeks ago the baby wasnt even one inch. It's amazing what a miracle it is for a baby to start so small and end up so big when it's born. They already scheduled my next 2 appointments so I will post more information after each one of those. The next one will be July 13th and at that visit they will do a regular checkup as well as take more blood for the endless tests they do when you're pregnant. After that we have an appointment scheduled for August 2nd at which point they apparently will be able to tell if we are having a boy or a girl. Don't ask me on that day what we are having though, because I won't know. It's not because I don't want to know but really because of the way we have chosen to announce the sex of the baby. When the doctor is able to tell if its a boy or a girl we are going to get them to put that information into an envelope and seal it. Then we are going to take it to a bakery and get a cake made that is either pink inside or blue inside. We are going to have a party with friends or family and have people wear pink if they think its a girl and blue if they think its a boy and then when we cut the cake everyone will know. After that I will post in on here so that anyone interested will know too. Anyway, I have written a lot already so I am going to end this. Look out for more blogs with baby updates for those who are interested...

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